An Asian staple for over a millennium, rice has become important enough for the North to start raiding and patenting strains

The United States has decreed that GATT will have the last word on intellectual property rights, thus throwing the Biodiversity Convention to the winds

Fears of neem patenting by Western MNCs are blown out of proportion

High tech is making patent information easier to access

Day before the gigantic Lef-organised rally on April 5, and the only slightly less large demo by the Right with BJP to protest the Indian government's endorsement of the Dunkel draft text for GATT,

THE Prime Minister, P V, Narasimha Rao, took a commendable step by revoking the patent granted to the US company, Agracetus, in 1991. Agracetus was awarded the patent for its transgenic cotton by the

In the US, Agracetus has control over all forms of genetically altered Cotton

The cancellation of a US firm's rights on a method to genetically engineer cotton has brought weaknesses in India's patent system into focus

The Union government claims it has found a way to protect the interests of Indian farmers in the ongoing Uruguay round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). For some time now, the

THE US patent and trademark office last December issued patents for three transgenic animals, which are animals that have been implanted with genes at an early developmental stage. The only previous