In an attempt to monitor the environmental and social repercussions of mining activities in Latin America, NGOs and community representatives from nine countries, including the US and Canada,


Mobil, the oil company, may be putting at risk the lives of hundreds of Amazonian tribespeople with the massive search for oil it is about to launch in Peru's southern rainforests. The company


The people living in the harsh semi-arid mountainous region in Peru's Vilconata Valley are finally savouring the outcome of their labours: the fresh vegetables and fruits which they grew

FELIX murillo, chief of the Peruvian National Statistical Institute, has claimed a reduction of 8 per cent in poverty, as revealed by official surveys of standards of living between 1991 and 1994.

INDUSTRIAL pollution in Peru's Paracas reserve area is leaving beaches littered with thousands of fish rotting under clouds of flies. Under threat is the country's major national sanctuary --

PERUVIANS catch 11.6 million metric tonnes (MT) of fish annually but consume only 3 kg - 16 per cent of the amount recommended by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) - per head. Measures


An unprecedent mining boom is on the cards in Peru as foreign investors make a beeline to grab the opportunities. Foreign investment had come to a standstill since 1970 because of

BURDENED by repayment of its enormous external debt, the Peruvian government has been forced to cut down its budgeting for health and sanitation facilities, even though a cholera epidemic claimed

The year long cholera epidemic in Peru refocussed scientific attention worldwide on the causes of the disease and the various strains of cholera bacteria.