A remote area in northeastern Peru has the highest mammal diversity in the world, reveal recent studies. Michael Valqui, a student at the University of Florida, during his study found 86 mammal


At least 50 people were killed and about 500 injured when an earthquake rocked southern Peru on June 23, 2001. Measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, the maximum impact of the quake was felt in the city


A group of asthma patients from Peru have sued the Southern Peru Copper Corporation. The patients allege that the company's activities have led to the large-scale pollution around the city of Ilo.


A stream originating in Nevado Mismi, a mountain in southern Peru, is said to be the exact source of the Amazon river, the National Geographic Society reported. Global Positioning System (gps)


A truck carrying mercury, spilled its toxic load near a remote Andean village poisoning 47 people, including 7 children. Mercury is the by-product of gold mining and is coveted by villagers for its

Farmers in the Peruvian highlands learn that all s not well with their produce, land and health

One in eight birds will vanish in the next 100 years, says a new report

Marine mammals and seabirds on the coast of Peru, including endangered penguin species, have been deva-stated in the now-fading El Ni


Despite their long history and their prominence in the local diet, potato yields of small Andean farmers are generally low. This is largely due to pest and disease-related losses. Intensified potato

An alternative to the traditional wooden plough has been developed in Peru