Farmers in the Peruvian highlands learn that all s not well with their produce, land and health

One in eight birds will vanish in the next 100 years, says a new report

Marine mammals and seabirds on the coast of Peru, including endangered penguin species, have been deva-stated in the now-fading El Ni


Despite their long history and their prominence in the local diet, potato yields of small Andean farmers are generally low. This is largely due to pest and disease-related losses. Intensified potato

An alternative to the traditional wooden plough has been developed in Peru

After years of decline the vicuna makes a comeback in Peru

A recent nine-day investigation led by Polish explorer and scientist Jacek Palkiewicz, has revealed that the Amazon, one of the world's largest rivers, has its source in an underground glacier in the

AIRBORNE archaeology' is the theme that the artist-photographer Marilyn Bridges tried to convey in her recent exhibition of photographs. The exhibits were on view in the American Museum


The humble potato is now being billed as a super tuber that could have broad implications for the world's food supply. Researchers, led by Carlos Arbizu at the International Potato

A weather event which Peruvians once regarded as a boon is now recognised as causing terrible global disasters