This report examines Paraguay’s energy institutions and their governance, long-term energy planning practices, and the socio-economic benefits of promoting renewable and low-carbon technologies in the end-use sectors. The RRA process was conducted in synergy with the country’s revision of its National Determined Contribution (NDC).

In this first Annual Report, the InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance highlights the initiatives that the different actors worked on towards the Partnership’s vision. That is, 25 programs were supported in 78 countries by the commitments made in the context of the Partnership.

Indigenous groups in Paraguay, battling to protect their ancestral lands from expanding agriculture and cattle ranching, launched the first online map of their territory Tuesday.

Approximately 10.5% of medicines in low and middle income countries including India are sub-standard and falsified, said WHO in this report.

It’s estimated that about 10 per cent of global emissions comes from deforestation — meaning we could make considerable progress toward halting climate change simply by keeping what remains of the

ASUNCION – The government of Paraguay said on Wednesday that health officials have registered the country’s first two instances of Zika-infected mothers’ giving birth to babies with abnormally smal

An indigenous community in southwestern Brazil faces imminent eviction from its traditional territories, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, in a case exemplifying ongoing land conflicts in Sout

ASUNCION – About 100 farmers with peasant organizations on Tuesday left their family farms in Paraguay’s interior to attend a fair in downtown Asuncion, where they displayed their native seeds, the

Paraguay could face problems this year with dengue and other fevers transmitted by mosquitoes, which have proliferated due to rainy weather during the Southern Hemisphere summer, a health ministry

The government of Paraguay called on Thursday for the total evacuation of the town of Alberdi, with 7,000 people, due to the risk of flooding after a wall holding back the Paraguay river is set to