More than 100,000 people have had to evacuate from their homes in the bordering areas of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina due to severe flooding in the wake of heavy summer rains brought on

The rate at which trees were cut down slowed globally for a third year in a row in 2014, but tree loss still covered an area twice the size of Portugal, an environmental research group said.

Federal prosecutors say Norte Energia, the consortium building the $11bn dam, has violated agreed-to items that are endangering locals’ means of survival

ASUNCION – Nearly 6,000 families, or about 30,000 people, have been affected by the flooding in Asuncion, Paraguayan emergency management officials said Sunday.

Latin America has the planet's largest land reserves for agriculture and had the most rapid agricultural expansion during the twenty-first century. A large portion of the expansion replaced forests, as shown by many local and regional studies. However, expansion varied regionally and also replaced other land covers. Further, it is important to distinguish between changes in cropland and pastureland as they produce food at different levels of efficiency and intensity.

Cattle-ranchers’ legal action versus expropriation of 1000s of hectares in favour of the indigenous Enxet people is rejected

Irresponsible business practices can have a disproportionate impact on indigenous communities, many of which continue to suffer from political and economic marginalization. This report highlights some of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks businesses face in their encounters with indigenous communities.

Paraguay is considering $2.4 billion of potable water and sanitation works over the next five years, BNamericas reported, citing the landlocked South American nation’s public works and communicatio

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that 55,910 people have been detected with dengue disease, out of which 41 patients died due to the epidemic.

Stresses on water supplies aggravated by climate change are likely to cause more conflicts and water should be considered as vital to national security as defense, the United Nations report said on