Argentina's biggest oil facility and natural gas producer Pluspetrol has come to a standstill following protests by the indigenous Achuar groups in Peru, who say that crude production is

Standard of living determines a child s height

Farm trade: it s developing countries vs EU US

Farmers in Alto Incariado, central Peru, are hoping that the fair trade label on their coffee crops will fetch them decent wages and give them the right to unionise. For this reason alone they have

Peruvian local communities are on the warpath. They are accusing mining companies of not only causing contamination in the region, but also holding them responsible for the seizure of their land.

Keeping both the environment and economy afloat

USA: Domestic and international travellers made nearly 287 million visits to the 378 parks under the US National Park Service in 1998 compared to the 275 million visits in 1997. This travel generated

Ecotourism is the new buzzword in the Indian government

The business of ecotourism is set to boom worldwide. Who will gain and who will lose?

If tourism revenues are generated by the quality of natural