Pamashto Una Mirada Iterior

Wisdom from the hills

lethal teflon: The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has charged the DuPont company with hiding the adverse health and environmental effects of Teflon, used in its non-stick cookware and carpet

Vaccine against a disease that plagues the poor countries

Fishing leads to decline of famous Peruvian seabirds

In population of endangered camel species

The greens have scored a major point with regard to the Camisea natural gas project, to be sited in the pristine forests of Peru. Environmental objections have led the us Export-Import Bank to

An unstable glacier in Peru has raised fears of flooding. A huge lump of the glacier, which feeds Palcacocha lake in the Andes, is threatening to crack and drop into the lake below. Peruvian

dispute settlement under the World Trade Organisation (wto) rules has been fraught with disagreements. The us has now put forth a proposal to grant countries that are parties to the dispute more

In sharp contrast to earlier estimates, a new study claims that nearly half the world s flora species face extinction