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Birds and mammals are dying after eating rodents which have consumed rodenticides

In this study, a new clean up method was developed for the routine multiresidue determination of organochlorine

The bulk of pesticides used in India are organochlorines which have an immense capacity to persist in the environment and accumulate within living bodies. Pesticides like dichlorodiphenyl

Production of organic tea in Darjeeling is increasing as consumers in the West refuse to import tea with pesticide residues

Homicide by Pesticides: words of shared concern

Mythology has named Yamuna after the sister of Yama, the Hindu God of death. With the presence of toxic pesticides and chemicals in the river, this nomenclature seems prophetic

Segment I: Himalayan: From source to Tajewala; 172 km Segment II: Upper: From Tajewala to Wazirabad; 224 km Segment III: Delhi: Wazirabad barrage to Okhla barrage; 22 km Segment IV:

Delhi gets its water from the following sources off the Yamuna

Agra’s residents drink the waters of the Yamuna which become a ‘green soup’ in the fourth segment