dolphins in Brahmaputra river are dying. A recent census conducted in the Guwahati-Bangladesh region has found that the dolphin ( Platanista gangetica) population in the Brahmaputra river system

Pesticides pollution threatens the aquatic life of the Ganges, especially the Gangetic dolphins

It is known for its ability to render birds sterile, enter the food chain, persist in its original form without degrading for a long period of time, disrupt the reproductive system and is suspected

Negotiators at a United Nations sponsored meeting in Geneva have decided to eliminate eight toxic pesticides and chemicals. However, DDT remains a contentious issue

THE discovery of the first chemical pesticide, dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane or ddt, is merely 60 years old. In this short history of chemical pesticides, most of the time the central point of

Agriculturists in India are gradually moving away from chemical pesticides and fertilisers;