The committee headed by N K Ganguly, director general, Indian Council of Medical Research, has finally made its recommendations, mooting a final product standard to regulate soft drinks.

thrown out: Tamil actress Radhika has been expelled from the primary membership of AIADMK, the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu "for acting against the interests of the party'. She appeared in a

green gdp: According to the China Green National Accounting Study Report 2004, the country suffered economic losses to the tune of US $64 billion

Soon after the cola controversy (see

evidence has been found of pesticide exposure in small children (1-6 year olds) of farm-workers in the us, say researchers at the Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Led by Thomas Arcury,

Company-government reasons

Why they don't make sense

The state of California and the city of Los Angeles have sued Coca-Cola over the distribution of batches of Coke manufactured in Mexico. RELATED STORY

a division Bench of Kerala High Court has once again directed the state government to conduct another epidemiological study in the cashew plantation areas in Kerala and trace out the factors responsible for health problems in areas such as Padre and Cheemeni in Kasaragod district.

This last fortnight, after two disparate experiences, I came to realise there is not much difference between colas and cars. Let me explain how. A year ago, we released a study on the cocktail

Two prominent chemical companies and three Us fresh produce companies have been sued by Costa Rica's banana pickers for causing reproductive disorders through pesticide use. The lawsuit was filed in