The Supreme Court has issued notices to four major cigarette companies, including tobacco giants ITC Limited. The action follows a public interest petition filed by former Congress member of

The Supreme Court has directed "The Commission Management Board' of the Uttar Pradeh government headed by its chief secretary to appear before it and explain why the court's order relating to the

It's time South Asian countries took Iaction to tackle the POP menace. To begin with, they should tell the West that South Asia is not a dirty clumpyard where they can get rid of their toxic wastes

The Delhi High Court recently upheld the government's decision to transfer some iron ore mines at Bailadila in Madhya Pradesh to Nippon Denro Ispat and dismissed a petition challenging the transfer.

The Delhi High Court has issued notices to several government organisations after hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). The PIL has sought to protect people in Delhi from serious health hazards

Trade unions have been irresponsible towards the environment because of poor leadership, which has failed to take proactive positions on emerging social issues

IN Pakistan, environmentalists have gone to court to save the houbara bustard from being hunted by wealthy Arabs. The bustard case has not only angered the Gulf states, it has also provoked a surge