A man suspected to have contracted the Ebola virus disease (EVD) was admitted in the Raiganj district hospital in North Dinajpur district today.

Raiganj, Nov. 2: The North Dinajpur district administration has ordered mandatory blood tests for all migrant workers returning from Mumbai to stem the spread of malignant malaria.

Raiganj, Feb. 13: Ten thousand quintals of potato worth over Rs 1.

As Chhattisgarh advances to become the largest producer of thermal power, cement and sponge iron, this special report in Down To Earth finds out what affect this fast-paced industrialisation will have on the state and its people.

KOLKATA, 18 AUG: The state government's decision to identify certain districts as drought-hit has raised a howl of protest even within the Cabinet, with Mr Srikumar Mukherjee, the minister from CPI, pointing out that the state was making its decisions based on average rainfall received by a district instead of declaring drought according to mouzas as was the norm of the Centre.

Mr Mukherjee dre

The police barracks in Karnajora, Raiganj, whose roof was blown away and walls flattened by the storm. Picture by Nantu Dey

Raiganj, April 15: Inadequate relief in the storm-ravaged belt of north Bengal has forced desperate villagers to barge into a panchayat office and carry away tarpaulin sheets.

RAIGANJ, 15 APRIL: The death toll from Tuesday night

One of the balloons that will glide at an altitude of 35km with equipment to capture images of the eclipse on July 22
A city based research institute is planning to use balloons to study the total solar eclipse on July 22.

Raiganj, July 15: The nesting birds in the Kulik sanctuary are facing shortage of food because of lack of rainfall.

Like other years, a large number of open-bill storks, cormorants and herons have set up rookeries for breeding with the advent of the monsoon. But for the past one month, little rainfall has dried up the Kulik river as well as the streams and ponds within the sanctuary.

The research farm in Islampur. Picture by Mehedi Hedaytullah
Raiganj, June 23: An agriculture department