Floods in India to be avoided using fuzzy logic IF A washing machine can figure out how dirty the laundry is, then it can calculate how long it should wash, how much detergent to add and how much water is needed. This is called the fuzzy logic technology and it works on a simple

function table() { var popurl="image/20061115/13-table.jpg" winpops=window.open(popurl,"","width=550,height=200,scrollbars=yes") } villagers and townsfolk of Lalkuan,

Ram Ganga river water at 10 different sites at Moradabad were collected and analysed at pre monsoon period and after the onset of monsoon following standard methods of sampling and testing. River water is found to be contaminated with reference to almost all the physico-chemical parameters studied at almost all the sites of sampling for pre-monsoon period as well as after the onset of monsoon.

Golden mahseer is one of the splendid ecotourism species of the Government of Uttaranchal should strive to conserve in order to enhance the prospects of nature tourism opportunities in the state. In Uttaranchal the golden mahseer is largely confined to lotic habitats.