- SP Jain boys find lac cultivation cure to depleting green cover

They can be called the green messiah.

At a time when green cover of the state is fast disappearing leading to abnormal rise in temperature, two students of SP Jain Institute of Management of Research, Mumbai, have come up with a new idea to

Jamshedpur, April 30: In a renewed effort to rein in industries spewing poison in the air, the Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) has decided to rope in local villagers to provide feedback on units continuing to defy the board by not installing mandatory monitoring systems.

The present paper is based on the analysis of survey data of 500 lac growers of Ranchi and West Singhbhum districts in the year 2003-04 and 2004-05. Primary data has been collected from the lac growers.

The state


A cruel sun is draining life out of Ranchi

Ranchi, April 27: The depleting ground water table across the urban landscape of Jharkhand has reached alarming levels, exposing sections of the population to arsenic poisoning and forcing others to contemplate relocating as more and more residential areas slowly turn dry.

To enforce discipline and reduce congestion on roads, the traffic police have initiated steps to ban autorickshaws, registered outside Ranchi, from plying within the municipal area.

Everyday battle
Ranchi, April 17: With the onset of summer, water problems have doubled. The drinking water and sanitation department has received as many as 185 complaints from across the state in just 15 days.

Complaints have poured in about defunct tubewells after the department came up with a toll-free number.

The Campaign for Right to Education in Jharkhand (CREJ) asked political parties to make child rights a part of their election manifesto.