A common criticism of the National Rural Employment Guarantee programme is that it does not lead to the creation of permanent assets and a sustained increase in incomes. This fi eld study of the construction of wells in one block in Ranchi district of Jharkhand shows that asset creation under this programme can result in the creation of income-generating assets.

Ranchi, Aug.

You can’t swallow it and you can’t spit it out.

The intention was good, the implementation poor.

Ranchi, Aug.

From a steel city to a vegetable bowl, Jamshedpur is ready for a paradigm shift in its identity with ponds, check dams and groundwater recharge models in the pipeline to end irrigation woes.

- Recharge pits spring hope for parched capital, MP funds to sprout vegetable bowl in steel hub

Play a dry Holi, save water — reads a newspaper advertisement put up by the state drinking water and sanitation department. But the department for one doesn’t seem to practise what it preaches.

Ranchi, July 24: Jharkhand has earned the dubious distinction of being one of the worst performers in climate and environment protection, faring poorly in a survey carried out by the Planning Commi

Acting on a Jharkhand High Court order, the government has decided to phase out 25,000 old and smoke-belching commercial vehicles from the first day of next month.