Swadhyay, which literally means study of the self, is a movement that has introduced realistic social change in India s rural communities

This is the story of Friends of Vrindavan, a unique experiment in conservation, which brings to attention the important role that India s religious traditions can play in protecting the environment

Officials of more than 100 Durga Puja and Kali Puja committees have been fined by the Calcutta High Court for the use of microphones making noise exceeding the permissible sound level. The

Recently, a prominent religious leader in Egypt announced the willingness to donate his organs to needy patients after his death. In Egypt, where organ transplants were long been prevented, the

GIVEN the almost explosive interest in and proliferation of environment-related documentaries in India in recent times, it is perhaps possible now to explore a defmition of the niche or slot itself.

The Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations has launched a North-South Campaign to inform Swiss citizens about North-South issues and partnerships. The

The World Council of Churches (WCC) organised a campaign

Adventurous Net Forget the days when you had to risk your life taking part in hair-raising expeditions through the wilderness. You can do the same now right from your desk, thanks to the Net.

P Rajagoplan, a Kattaikoothu artist, is directing a play "Pancha Bhoodam" which is being staged in various villages of northern Tamil Nadu. Kattaikoothu is a form of folk theatre prevalent in the

Like all religions, Buddhism is eco friendly. But lofty ideals rarely translate into pragmatism