Over the centuries, the Aswamedh yajna changed from being related to metal smelteries and became associated with horse sacrifices?

WILD BOARS have sparked a discussion on basic Buddhist values among Bhutan's planners and decision makers. The animal is a voracious eater and prolific breeder and has emerged as the most notorious

The ancient tradition that sanctified groves for the common good awaits a voyage of rediscovery.

DR COMPUTER As scholars expounded on the significance of traditional sciences, a computer in the pandal outside prescribed lifestyles to the more practical-minded. The diagnostic system was a

Pollution levels in the Hooghly river rise sharply after the idols are immersed at Durga Puja, revealed a study done three years ago by J J Ghose of Calcutta University. Though publication of the

THE CENTRAL concern of this book is how in a country whose Constitution declares void all laws violative of Article 13 (Fundamental Rights), women continue to be subjected to gender-discriminatory,

CONVENTIONAL anthropological fieldwork, common sense and academic adventure divorced from the contemporary trends in anthropological research are the mix in this book, but without rigorous

25 Jun 2015

The Pope has said he hopes the document, entitled LautadoSii (Praised be),’On Care for Our Common Home’, will influence the UN conference on climate change in Paris this year. Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon praised the moral leadership being demonstrated by Pope Francis, also hoping that this leadership will prove influential, if not decisive, in the upcoming Paris climate talks in November this year.


Eco friendly immersion of idols after Dura Puja, Chittaranjan Park, 52 Pocket, New Delhi

Sadhus and common people thronged the ghats throughout the day - Maha Kumb in Allahabad