They may survive the drought. But they cannot survive government policies. When people have to abandon their livestock, they are reduced to misery, as is happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Because India s rural economy is built around livestock, which ca

This dedicated band have abandoned their egos and selfishness to go about performing social service without any fanfare

...and how it leads to environmental degradation

Several social groups are trying to restore the link between Hinduism and the environment

How the environment sacred to Hindus is bearing the brunt of pollution in the name of religion

Simply put it is an amazing gap between theory and practice. Yet it is one of the main reasons why India's environment is as degraded as it is today. Followers of the Hindu way of life have forgotten the emphasis that is laid on nature, the environment an

Do Indian festivals have to be as polluting as they are at present?

There is growing concern over the pollution caused by festivals like Diwali

Economic growth and development are destroying Rajasthan's unique forest based religious system

Only a campaign that aims to conserve "wants" with the support of age old "religious beliefs" can lead to a less strifed and more "peaceful world"