Dakshin Palli Durga Puja Samiti of Chittranjan Park, Pocket 52, New Delhi decided to go green this year and took a decision not to immerse the idol in the river Yamuna. This video shows immersion of the biodegradable idol of Goddess Durga in large tank made of galvanized iron sheets.

Indians add green touch to religious festivals

>> On April 16, the Anti-vivisection League, an animal rights group in Italy, asked Pope Benedict to stop wearing fur as a sign of respect for the "sacredness of all living species'. The Pope

More than 2,000 members of a religious sect recently marched up to the district of San Jeronimo, near the city of Cuzco in the southeastern Peru, to protest an official mining exploration request,

Snail's habitat A court battle over an endangered West Coast snail is being heard by the Christchurch High Court, New Zealand. The lawsuit filed by anti-mining group Powelliphanta Augustus

Hindu religion generally considers life forms as sacred and it has developed sanctity by association, such as the swan, eagle and bull that serve as vehicles for the major deities such as the

"Only if science and development turn away from

• Footage of Australian naturalist Steve Irwin's death will never be broadcast, his widow Terri has said in her first interview since his death in early September. "What purpose would that

holocaust-denial laws are the ultimate bunkum. Just think about it. The state of Israel has used the history of the Nazis to perpetrate untold miseries on the Arab world. This is not a rant. Think

danger spilling out: Mexico's oil monopoly Pemex recently confirmed the fifth fuel spill in the past four months, even as authorities quoted a requirement of US $9 billion to repair the country's