Puri rath yatra, Jagannath temple plagued by scarcity of wood

Hindu Moon in a Mughal Garden

Chinese government departments have devised a rather strange solution to the problem of congestion and traffic jams. They have requested mourners to pay homage to dead friends and relatives on the Internet, to lessen crowds at cemeteries

Sabarimala bursting at the seams with devotees but environmental concerns ignored

For the 189 families of Laporiya village in Jaipur district, Rajasthan, trees and dykes are part of the family

Religious groups in the US campaign for fuel efficiency

Kumaon villagers discover that gods are the best forest guards

Cildo Meireles' conceptual art at Documenta 11, the biggest European art festival held in Germany every five years makes a political statement for year 2002. The artist's concept had ice cream

No loudspeakers are now heard from over 10 Mahim mosques in Mumbai for the 5 am azaan (call for prayers). For the past one month, these mosques have voluntarily stopped using loudspeakers to

Dada, as a child in a Marathi family, was a witness to the discordant practices. But unlike most people, he couldn't turn a Nelson's eye to existing conventions. Finally in 1958, he founded Swadhyaya