a debate is brewing in Europe over the creation of human embryos for stem-cell research. A report recently suggested that European Commission's ( ec ) approval to such practices would be a

the Indian Council of Medical Research (icmr) in collaboration with the us -based National Institutes of Health has recently released Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on

Monks in Thailand have started a unique campaign to save threatened trees. At least 100 monks living in rural areas are trying to preserve the forests of the country. This is being done in the wake

the Supreme Court has, in a significant judgement, ruled that no religion prescribes or preaches that prayers are required to be performed through voice amplifiers or beating of drums and "in

Court passes order against noise pollution

Desperate Hindu extremists are making a mockery of the real problems that the river Ganga faces

While right wing religious groups in Pakistan indulge in a hate campaign against voluntary organisations, the military regime looks the other way

In a simultaneous press release issued on Monday, 26 June 2000, the Human Genome Project, an international government-funded project, and Celera Genomics (a us privately funded body) announced that they had assembled a ‘working draft’ of the human genome

The mapping of human genes opens up new frontiers and also gives rise to fresh fears

Humans a mix of mice, chimps, flies, chicken and fish!