NEW DELHI: Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) on Thursday notified tariff regulations for green power generated from renewable energy sources in an effort to attract new investments in this sector.

Need to propagate benefits of non-conventional energy

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), the country

The European Union's executive will next month publish its strategy for promoting hi-tech solutions to climate change, aiming to give European businesses a head start as the world switches to low-carbon energy.

A draft document obtained by Reuters gives insight into the European Commission's priorities.

Trees might be the source of the ultimate green power and researchers have figured out a way to plug into the power generated by trees.

Scientists have known for some time that plants can conduct electricity. In fact, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that plants can pack up to 200 millivolts of electrical power. A millivolt is onethousandth of a volt.

Germany's cabinet on Wednesday adopted a plan to speed along the construction of offshore wind parks in the North Sea, paving the way for a targeted 25,000 megawatts of capacity to come on line by 2030.

California is on track to more than double its power generated by solar panel installations in 2009, going against a downward global trend, according to research released on Wednesday.

Green Infra Ltd (GIL), an independent power producer (IPP), has announced the acquisition of energy giant BP Energy India Pvt Ltd

South African industry needs to tap its 2,000 MW co-generation potential to avoid another power crisis, but is facing pricing and regulatory hurdles, an industry official said on Wednesday.

Dave Long, a former regional manager at paper maker Sappi, said that despite a battle lasting years the industry has not been able to sell any cogenerated power so far.

East Africa should tap its large cogeneration potential, burning waste from its sugar and tea output to cut reliance on hydro power, which is increasingly hit by drought, an energy analyst said on Wednesday.