Nandini Chandrashekhar,DH News Service,Bangalore:

The proposals made under the Karnataka Renewable Energy draft policy has raised the hackles of quite a few energy producers.


The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday said it was extending the comment period on a draft rule that aims to cut greenhouse gases emitted by biofuels.

The proposed changes to the 2007 U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard attempt to make production of corn-based ethanol more efficient and increase output of advanced biofuels.

- A project linking solar power from the Sahara to energy users in Europe and North Africa could create 240,000 German jobs and generate 2 trillion euros ($2,822 billion) worth of power by 2050, a study published on Thursday found.

The Federal Minister for Water and Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that the government has set a target to electrify 7,000 villages within next five years through solar energy which cannot be electrified through grid. The minister said that Pakistan is facing the same issues in developing and utilising its renewable as many other countries in similar situation.

The dramatic growth in wind turbines around the British Isles may lead to huge spikes in power prices by 2030 and threaten the viability of backup plants needed for calm periods, according to Poyry Energy Consulting.

Global investment in clean energy and climate-friendly technologies leapt in the last three months but full-year levels won't recover until 2010 or 2011, analysts said on Wednesday.

Falling energy demand and more expensive debt have hurt large renewable projects for example in wind and solar power. Recession has cut risk appetite, curbing funding for clean technology start-ups.

In recent years the legion of supporters of renewable energy has expanded to include labor unions concerned about jobs, as well as national security and energy independence experts such as George Schultz and James Woolsey.

The high energy demand in the industrial world, as much in the domestic sector and the derived problems of the widespread use of fossil fuels, make increasingly necessary the development of renewable energy sources.

The SPV (solar photovoltaic power) system is the simplest form of converting solar energy to electricity. However, its high capital cost makes it one of the costliest resources of energy, ostensibly with implications of high fixed charges.