The Irrigation and Water Management Ministry in collaboration with the Power and Energy Ministry will construct a large scale hydro electricity plant in Wellawaya to generate 300 GWH. This plant will be able to generate power and add 300 GWH to the National Grid, the Irrigation and Water Management Ministry said.

Many old buildings including places of worship in the old Maskeliya town emerged arousing the nostalgic memories when the water level in the Hydropower reservoirs dwindled due to the prevailing drought in the upcountry. Maussakele, Castlereigh, and Maskeliya hydropower reservoirs are the worst affected.

the Kerala State Electricity Board is hopeful that the Athirapally Hydro Electric Project in the state's Trissur district will be revived. The Union ministry of Environment and Forests on July 19

Call it is one of the unknown Indian ironies. Over many years, the Indian state, through its public irrigation agencies, has systematically taken over the management of surface water systems. It has

LTTE's water war: In the last week of July, the Sri Lankan army launched a ground offensive against Tamil tiger rebels to regain control over a key water reservoir in the northeastern city of

a proposal to dam the Tigris river in Turkey could pose a serious threat to the environment and for human health. This warning was given in an environmental impact assessment commissioned by

Jabalpur s shrinking lakes needs sincere planning and community participation

in the first week of October, the Thol reservoir in the Mehsana district of Gujarat witnessed another episode of human-avian conflict. Thousands of

Renovating traditiona_1 village reservoirs, farmers in Tamil Nadu are pursuing a green dream