NAMIBIA has so far dehorned 451 black rhinos at a cost of over N$14,5 million in an effort to discourage poaching in the country.
Government has been dehorning rhinos since 2014.

TSHIPISE, South Africa: In another life, Lynn was a sniper in Afghanistan, Damien trained paramilitary forces in Iraq, and John worked undercover infiltrating drug cartels in central America.

Special rhino protection force on anvil to curb poaching

Responses to illegal wildlife trade need to be more nuanced and not only focused on high-profile species if we are to truly tackle the problem, say researchers.

As talks about a complete ban on both the international and domestic markets heat up, the Swaziland government accuses western NGOs of being ‘armchair preservationists’

Dozens of African rangers are killed each year by increasingly well-armed and -organized poachers in a bloody conflict over the continent’s wildlife.

Borneo, home to animals like orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and proboscis monkeys is also host to some of the fastest plantation expansion in the world.

Rhino poaching has been reported reduced in South Africa’s biggest park.

In 2015, at least 50 rhinos were killed in Zimbabwe by poachers.
Zimbabwe has been using dehorning as a policy to protect its rhinos against poaching since the 1990s.

A gang of five poachers including a sharpshooter from Manipur, who were about to kill rhino at Orang National Park (ONP) in Assam, was arrested during a raid by forest officials and police on Sunda