The 25 km long Gangotri glacier, fountainhead of the Ganga, is receding at an average 18 metres annually

As the glaciers recede, the frequency of natural hazards such as floods and cloudbursts will increase

Himalayan glaciers, source of water for the innumerable rivers that flow across the Indo-Gangetic plains, are receding. And that too at a phenomenal rate. As they continue to recede, incidents of landslides, changes in river regimes and floods will increa

The proposed elevated roadway along the Lyari river bed is expected to worsen the already polluted inner city.

Sanjay Jog

With creationists arguing over its formation, and lengthy disputes over land rights, the Grand Canyon has often been the focus of controversy.

the Kerala State Electricity Board is hopeful that the Athirapally Hydro Electric Project in the state's Trissur district will be revived. The Union ministry of Environment and Forests on July 19

In the recently concluded summer session of the state legislative assembly at Srinagar, a new controversy on the "road to Amarnath' has divided the Jammu and Kashmir government. Gurcharan Singh

Increased human activity is destroying a river system