An innovative tile that could go a long way in reducing the cost of housing construction has been developed in the African country of Cote d Ivoire

Rescue operations in the high seas get a boost with the development of a new communication device

An obnoxious weed is turned into much needed compost for raising plants in a nursery

Farmers in Burkina Faso's central plateau in Sahel, are turning to traditional practices such as building stone lines, pocket-like pits known as Zaiand permeable stone dams. These increase yields

In Thailand -where most of the paddy and corn produced is exported- drying is an essential agricultural activity. There is 18-25 per cent moisture in the crops at the time of harvesting, which has

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore, has developed a deVice to help in the dehusking of coconut. The thick outer covering of the nut is difficult to remove and has to be stripped

Development of a low cost kiln for baking pottery in rural areas comes as a boon to those dependent on this ancient craft for a living. At the same time, it reduces pollution considerably

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, has come up with an innovative tractor- drawn groundnut harvester. Groundnut is usually harvested by hand, which consumes a lot of time and

Portable power sawmills with small engines have been developed by an Australian company. The sawmill, weighing 325 kg, takes only five minutes to reset and can be dismantled into five pieces and

Two planters for normal and dryland agriculture -one tractor- drawn and the other animal-drawn have been developed by scientists at the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture,