Researchers at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, have developed a fuel-efficient bio-mass gas stove. The bio-gas could be produced from animal and crop wastes, and used for

Engineers in Jaipur are developing a software that would help quench the thirst of parched villages

A renewable energy alternative to pesticides is gaining popularity among farmers in south India

Rural Electrification Corpo-ration Ltd (REC), a government of India enterprise, will soon introduce an improved system for power supply in the rural areas. The system, called Si-Spa, will ensure

Electricity can be generated from a creeper plant, as an experiment in Madhya Pradesh has demonstrated

An alternative to the traditional wooden plough has been developed in Peru

A low cost cooling chamber increases the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables and prevents weight loss

TARA gram, manufactures products using biomass and local raw materials

A new technology has been deve

According to the International Centre for Application of Solar Energy (CASE), the most economical energy system to meet rural energy needs is hybrid energy consisting of solar power, wind power and