Nepalese villagers upgrade water wheels to generate power

Biogas generation helps save 112 tonnes of fuelwood use annually in a small Bhopal village

Whenever the issue of urban smog due to diesel exhaust emissions is raised, auto companies vie that diesel is the answer to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), the main greenhouse gas.

A Rajasthan village has developed an ingenious rainwater harvesting system that has regenerated degraded pastures

Technologies developed keeping rural India in mind

An investment of Rs 300 can bring electricity to every household in rural India. Humble cow dung can do this and more

Cotton farmers can look forward to better days, though somewhat bela- tedly. A new technology mission with an outlay of about Rs 700 crore for five years is to be launched by the Government of India.

Bhotiyas are a pastoral-migratory community, inhabiting the high alti - tudes of Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim. Bhotiyas spend the winter in the foothills and migrate to the high hills during the summer.

Researchers at the Magan Sangrahalaya in Wardha, Maharashtra, have designed an efficient charkha (spinning wheel). This three-spindle spinning machine is simple, light and reasonably priced. A team

The seed of a humble tree may be a substitute for diesel and could hasten rural electrification