A novel method to convert plastic bags into new shapes could help minimise their adverse effects on our environment

An improved smokeless stove has been found to cause less health complications than the traditional three-stone stove. The Stoves and Household Energy Programme of the Intermediate Technology

Villagers in Pathanpara, Kerala, are no longer dependent on the state electricity board. Today, they have their own power generation system

The Centre of Science for Villages (CSV), Wardha, Maharashtra, has developed a microbiogas plant with a battery of 300 litres clay jars, which is known as Ranjan biogas plant. The biogas plant is a

Villagers benefit from a simple new biogas design

Researchers at Leicester University, UK, have developed a method to produce clean water using chemicals. This method would be helpful in areas where polluted river water poses serious health risks.

Engineers at the University of Calcutta have found that flyash is an excellent catalyst for treating toxic and non-biodegradable chemicals in effluents from the pesticide industry. The results are

International Development Enterprises, an international non-profit organisation, has developed a small-scale irrigation system for small and marginal farmers in developing countries, where irrigation

Yes. The Sun can save us from a water crisis

A low-cost technique could help convert more than 50 per cent of solar energy into mechanical and electrical energy. Naren Sheth, a Mumbai-based businessperson, has recently developed a solar