Wind power is being used to extract water and regenerate forests in Mauritania

To meet the power demands of rice mills, a small-scale unit based

Scientists have genetically-engineered a variety of rice that could end vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. The deficiency results in blindness. Researchers at the International Rice

The widespread attack of the mite Eriphyes guerreronis is threatening coconut plantations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However, according to researchers, trees raised with orga

The flip side of a pest control bug

Pressmud, a byproduct of the sugar industry, is a potential source of soil nutrients and wax

With less than a month left for the beginning of the millennium, organisations and individuals have been rushing to get their computers Y2K (year 2000) compliant. The fertiliser industry is no

Indigenous technology to produce biofertiliser and protein-rich animal feed from maize waste has

The introduction of high-yielding varieties of seeds and the increase in cropping intensity has resulted in a significant rise in the extent of phosphorus removal by crops. Fertiliser phosphorus is,

Farmers in the Peruvian highlands learn that all s not well with their produce, land and health