The natural water supply and sanitation programme initiated by the Indian government is an effort to solve sanitation problems and wastewater disposal in rural areas. In the absence of proper drains,

Kitchen waste and aquatic weeds are the newest sources for biogas and manure. The days of cowdung are numbered

Modifications in a traditional water harvesting system promises to augment supplies

A cold storage system that does without power and skilled labour has been developed

A simple procedure helps in the conversion of surplus fodder during the monsoons into hay, which can help overcome fodder shortage in the summer and winter months

and lo, what is being wasted can be utilised by rural communities for larger benefits

A waste byproduct earlier, banana peels are now hailed as a new source of biogas

Developed as an alternative to manual harvesting in small plots, the stripper-gatherer (sg) is a boon to farmers, particularly in Asia. Designed at the International Rice Research Institute in

A solar fruit-and-grain drying system has been developed by the Farm Machinery Institute at Islamabad, Pakistan, for better conservation of fruits and vegetables. The new drying system contains eight