A low-cost water quality monitoring kit has been developed by Techno

Researchers in Gujarat have harnessed the energy of bullocks to generate electricity for 24 villages in Vadodara district. Under this innovative method, four bullocks are yoked on to a shaft,

Tinytech, a mechanised oil expeller imported from India, is doing wonders for the villagers of Gokwe in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. A smallscale oil milling business in Gokwe has

The vertical shaft brick kiln technology reduces energy consumption and breakage of bricks

Rural Filipinos have cut their dependence on firewood by using cost effective rice hull stoves

Rural households in India usually rely on lanterns for lighting. But the quality of a commonly used hurricane lantern is abysmal. It produces light equivalent to about one-tenth of that produced by a

One of the principal barriers to

An organisation set up by priests provides inexpensive bamboo houses to people living in slums and on the streets

The weed Lantana camara is being used to make furniture and can give the economy a boost

Kenyan ingenuity uses elephant dung for making paper