Fish farming offers bright commercial prospects for small scale farmers and a worthy pastime for amateurs. Here are a few tips for beginners, giving them a brief idea about how to make a fish pond, to stock it with fish and how to spawn and rear

Although papermaking has traditionally been located in urban settings, technological innovations brought about by an NGO brings a new trade to the rural backyards. Here's a do it yourself formula for making recycled paper at home

A simple procedure could save many villages from being off during the monsoons

An age old principle comes in handy to provide the rural poor with low cost refrigerators

New means of collecting honey will no longer destroy the entire honey comb

To allow villagers access to many4on technologies available to them 140 before they decide to implementAIM them, the Society for Rural %IV Industrialisation (SRI) in Ranchi,A@ Bihar,

Weeds are more often a nuisance., and so was the case with Banmara or Eupatorium adenophorum which was the bane of farmers in the eastern Himalaya and Uttar Pradesh. Shunned even by

Drip irrigation may be centuries old NGr but its revival in a novel form deserves mention. The department of horticulture in Orissa has evolved the 'pitcher-method-drip-irrigation' where

The much derided chewing stick has finally found a proponent

The Polclaw windpump set is a boon to developing countries