A motorised device to uproot weeds

Scrap tyres buried underground could reduce irrigation costs

A South African firm has come out with a rugged and affordable solar cooker that could improve the lot of women in underdeveloped areas and reduce deforestation and air pollution (Solar Today,

Silk industry wastes containing large quantities of waste pupae can be used as poultry feed, according to researchers of the Department of Chemistry, Cotton College, Guwahati. The scientists have

A national technology mission initiative on `Clean Carbon technologies', which will focus on clean power generation is in the offing, according to the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Union Government, Dr R. Chidambaram.

An ecofriendly way of treating polluted wastewater holds promise for rural India

Bharatiya Cattle Resource Develop

The Department of Farm Machi

For the cultivation of the popular button mushrooms, many different types of composts have been used. However, experiments with six types in a completely randomised design at the Horticultural

A local remedy for controlling a parasitic disease works wonders for sheepbreeders in the Peruvian highlands