It crushes, grinds, shreds, saws, drills, welds, pumps water and also generates power. Interestingly, it runs on nuts. This

Improved chulhas (stoves) named Anganbandhu and Anganmitra, with power ratings of 1.0 and 1.4 kw and a thermal efficiency of 40 per cent have been designed by the Central Fuel Research

Mechanical jaws with multiple uses are set to eliminate many back-straining farm tasks by adding versatility to the standard farm tractor. An Australian farmer, Geoff Lucas has designed the

Transporting life-saving medicines in mountain villages and areas with high temperatures will be easier with the invention of

The highly laborious and time consuming process of sugarcane planting has been made simpler, thanks to a multiple function device developed by scientists at the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow

Burnt clay comes in as a handy material for constructing timberless roofs in rural housing projects in Wardha, Maharashtra

Cheaper and more easy to operate models of solar devices have been developed and these can also be built by the people who use them

To facilitate development and training in rural areas, the Indian Space Research Organisation is starting the

Coconut shells and ash could soon compete for becoming the new age building materials. A breakthrough by researchers from the Brazil-based Technological Research Insti

The Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute's Naroda Centre in Gujarat has devised a new process to develop superior black pottery from common clay. Under a project sponsored by the Rural