Declare entire Kodagu eco-sensitive: wildlife forum

This is a small group of forest elephants in Gabon's Minkébé National Park. Poaching for the illegal ivory trade has reduced their numbers by 80 percent, according to a new study.

BENGALURU: Karnataka government on Wednesday admitted that 765 hectares of the ecologically sensitive Kappatagudda forest were encroached upon by 639 individuals.

The Meinmahla Kyun wetland reserve in Ayeyarwady Region has been designated a Ramsar site, joining two other such sites in Myanmar.

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Goa Foundation Vs Union of India & Others dated 16/01/2017 regarding eco-sensitive zones around the national park and wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. Supreme Court has noted in the Order that notifications on eco-sensitive zones of Goa have been issued on 23.01.2015, 25.01.2015, 17.02.2015, 23.02.2015, 24.02.2015 and 25.02.2015 and the aforesaid notifications have to be given effect to, and the same be implemented.

The tourism dept wants to attract tourists coming for pilgrimage to the Girnar mountain.The tourism dept wants to attract tourists coming for pilgrimage to the Girnar mountain.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Wildlife Sanctuaries, 06/12/2016. There are 537 wildlife sanctuaries in the country. The State-wise details of wildlife sanctuaries is given at ANNEXURE I. The management of wildlife and its habitat is the mandate of the State Governments. Database of wildlife species found in wildlife sanctuaries is not collated in the Ministry. The State/UT wise fund provided by the Government of India to wildlife sanctuaries in the current year (2016-2017) is at ANNEXURE II.

Rectified plan for taluka to be placed before TCP Board next week for approval; wildlife sanctuaries, forests and green cover restored on land plan

Human-nature relations are diverse, multifaceted and often contradictory, especially the relationships with animals. Mishmi people living on the Sino-India border claim tigers to be their brothers and take credit for tiger protection as they observe taboos against hunting tigers. Drawing on this notion of relatedness with tigers, local residents of the Dibang Valley question the governments’ recent plans to declare the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary into Dibang Tiger Reserve and its scientific surveys of tigers and habitat mapping.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Eco-Sensitive Zones, 29/11/2016.