Arthur C. Clarke's technological prescience deserves to be honoured; his endless optimism needs to be cherished. (Editorial)

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Need for an independent ethics body for India's science research has got stronger after a reputed science journal has recently withdrawn an Indian research study on cancer cells. On February 23,

>> Germans have found a novel way of recycling thousands of used and unsold Christmas trees: to give them to the local zoo to feed the animals. "Elephants around the country will have a delicious

Post-war Mortality

Global Warming

Every star has a life and a subsequent death. But still, each one is different in the amount of darkness it drives away due to its own luminance. Born on November 9, 1934, Carl Sagan was certainly

No more John Brunner, the noted British science fiction writer, died of a heart attack at the age of 60. Brunner was well known for experimenting with form and paid great attention to

John Emsley author of The Consumer's Good Chemical Guide: A jargon-free guide to the chemicals of everyday life, was awarded the L10,000 Rhone-Poulenc science book prize. The book was chosen out of

WHEN was the last time you read a popular science book which made you laugh? Or which didn't treat you like a cretin and didn't make absurd, pseudo-scientific statements regarding mysterious

Science journalism in India suffers from a lack of understanding among writers and a reluctance on the part of scientists to explain their work