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"INTO every tidy scheme for arranging the pattern of human life, it is necessary to inject a certain dose of anarchism. " This quotation from Bertrand Russell, is certainly appropriate at

TO THE question "What is time?", Saint Augustine of Hippo, the revered 4th century thinker is reported to have remarked, "If no one asks me, I know, but if any person should require me to tell

Cosmologists take a closer look at how gravity is strangling an expanding universe

A GROUP Of Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboragtory In the us have come up with a unique strategy to Pee the carbon dim (Cod gas emans from fuel-burning plants - report responsible

Thefamous i9th century pipe organ at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has gone hi-tech. The French ministry of culture has spent US $2.2 million to digitise the organ. Now, a system

TRYING to forge a strong link between the researchers and the industrialists has proved to be a thankless job for the British government. The office of science and technology is about to come up

The US Department of Energy is experted to endorse plans of build- ing a US $3 billion particle accelerator. The primary purpose of the accelerator will be to produce tri- tium for

Science must contribute substantially to the development of the society as a whole in the country: this is the new policy being promoted by the government's Foundation for Research Development

TO A male sports fan, the victory or defeat of his favourite team in a match is of'vital' importance- it actu- allyaffects his hormone level. According to a study conducted by the Georgia State