Federal funding for scientific researches take a plunge as Republicans plan a cut in the budget

ASIA, not Africa, was the home of the first simians. A.group of Chinese scientists working with the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Sciences claim that they have discovered evidence

It's no more going to be science for science's sake in China anymore as the nation plans for megabuck

SOUTH Africa can break new ground in the world of science if only its scientists and researchers show the government the right way. In an impassioned speech made at a conference held at the

BRITAIN's criminals could well be in a biological trap. Their DNA combination, a deadly giveaway of their true identity, will be stored in a bank, the world's first of which was launched in

IMAGINE a rapidly expanding gas confined in a container and subject to immense external pressure. The laws of science tell us that the balance of forces cannot be sustained for long without some

Nonconformist to the core, Linus C Pauling epitomised the spirit of science and peace

Scientists have long felt the lack of an adequate mathematical definition of intelligence as a major hurdle in the creation of genuine artificial intelligence. Last fortnight, 2 Bangalore-based

The title would cause non-scientists to groan, "Not another harangue on equity..." Scientists might dismiss it as a bit of hackery -- how could anyone be preposterous enough to say that equity is

There is some apprehension about the new South African government's stand on environment and science and technology, but emerging trends bring hope for the future