PRODUCING a newspaper or a newsmagazine is something like an unending string of little miracles. As technologists designing new machines well know, "if anything can go wrong, it will." The same

Most of the world's tropical forests are in the developing world. Guidelines have been suggested for researchers to regulate the flow of data to the developed world.

MATHEMATICS is a language whose beauty can be appreciated only by those who know it. Consider Euler's famous relationship, ei = -1 (check with original). While mathematicians would find it a

THE GRAND Mughal Akbar, whose 450th birth anniversary was marked this year, once remarked he would venerate the person who could grow two blades of grass where one grew previously. Was he not

CRITICISING or condemning lopsided developmental priorities and highlighting their consequences is one thing; outright rejection of the very concept of development, science and technology is quite

The TV serial of the late 1980s is now available as a video series. Although its message of self reliance is a bit dated, it still is a useful mix of science, history and social development.

For R S Hegde, a primary school principal and rural technologist, science is useless if it remains confined to labs and libraries.

HOW MUCH is 87265 multiplied by 32117? In our familiar method of multiplication, it will take five steps of multiplication and one step of addition to obtain the answer, apart from

INDIANS still do not have the culture of seeking patents. Over the last 15 years, foreigners have obtained two to three times more patents in India every year than Indians. In 1989-90, Indians held