What we can see constitutes only about 10 per cent of the universe's mass. Where is the rest hidden?

Biologists use vibrating blades to neatly slice tissue for microscopic examination. While scientists thought of this technique only about 50 years ago, a biological version has existed for

INDIA'S interest in petroleum has grown rapidly. Understandably so, because the investments made are large and the returns fair, and could be even more attractive if we priced it properly. But,

Through the centuries, human beings have tried to establish their dominance over animals, killing them for both food and sport. Even today, animals continue to be exploited in the name of scientific research.

Animals were tried and punished just like human beings in medieval Europe.

A NEW CONDOM for women that gives them greater sexual freedom has been approved for sale in some European countries (Outlook Vol 10, No 2). The condom consists of a loose-fitting, polyurethane sheath

CHINESE science is going the market way. A new policy recommends the withdrawal of state funding for twothirds of the country's research scientists. But scientists protest their work has vital

The controversial Human Genome Project -- a collaborative effort to decode and understand the human genetic code in chromosomes -- is already showing results and is likely to be completed ahead of

To put together an exhibition on the environment for children was an excellent idea. Now, the ministry of environment and forests should consider taking it to rural areas.

The puckish wit of the actor turned anchorperson in Turning Point has contributed to the popularity of the programme