IN this past month, farmer associations in Haryana and Tamil Nadu have located and burnt field trials for genetically modified Bt rice. In Chhattisgarh the state government has stopped similar trials

In a world where technology plays an increasingly important role, and science is invoked almost as often as the Bible, few people understand what good science is. In principle, science is considered

High end technology dominates 93 rd Science Congress

Pollution control boards remain hot seats for babus

Concrete Facts is the result of an exhaustive two year effort to rate the cement industry. It details the industry's ecological challenges and rates how well Indian companies address them. Companies are benchmarked against global best practices at each stage of the life cycle - from mining to use of waste materials. Ratings also cover water and energy use, technology, dust emissions, and corporate social responsibility. The book also details the economic performance of the companies and sees how socially responsibly these blue-chip companies are.

Process to regularise marine assessments delayed

Antarctic microbes could be rampantly exploited to benefit a few

The recent imbroglio on interconnectivity between cellular and fixed/WiLL CDMA subscribers left many speechless. The response came via a proxy war involving MTNL and BSNL. This is worrying; for interconnectivity is the basic technical and legal requiremen

Good for a change A common pollutant strongly impacts the behaviour of arsenic and possibly other toxic metals in some lakes, shows a research conducted by us-based Massachusetts

Researchers develop solvent free chemistry a boon for environment