Air pollutants interact with and break down plant-emitted scent molecules, which insect pollinators such as bees use to locate needed food, says a new study.

It interacts with a specific gene that can lower IQ by as much as 10 points, says a study

Every year over 500 idols of Lord Ganesh in and around Jajpur district are immersed in the rivers and streams after the Puja is over.

Calling for an immediate halt on illegal construction on the banks of Narmada river, Madhya Pradesh high court (MPHC) has issued directions to the government to formulate a cohesive policy to check

Temperature To Rise After Sky Clears Today

Despite a rise in temperature, Delhiites did not feel the heat on Thursday, first due to a haze in the morning and later a cloudy sky. The cloud cover this time is not a result of a western disturbance but has been caused by a convergence of winds coming from the west and east and is expected to dissipate by Friday.

Levels of Carbon dioxide (CO2) recorded recently, caused by the burning of garbage at the Pallikaranai dump yard ranged between 515- 399 ppm (parts per million). CO2 is a major greenhouse gas.

Last Saturday, a major fire broke out at the dumping yard. Smoke from it posed both a health hazard to residents nearby and also hampered the vision of motorists in the vicinity, besides polluting the environment. Following this, the Chennai Corporation decided to suspend the dumping of garbage here.

After the Supreme Court directive to remove sun control films from car windows, the city is threatened with a new pollutant.

Hundreds of these tinted films being removed on a day-to-day basis, have found a place in the streets after the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) intensified the drive against sun control films. It is estimated that films from around 500 vehicles are removed on a daily basis in the city.

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AHMEDABAD: An environment and forests' ministry study has blamed electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from communication towers for the declining numbers of sparrows and bees.

AHMEDABAD: The 10-member expert committee constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forest ( MoEF) has suggested the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) should be recognized as pollutants and ther