From smooth newts living by the Tate Modern to common frogs across London, amphibians are widespread in the capital, but snakes and other reptiles are largely confined to its outer rings, the first

DIBRUGARH, July 12 – Snakes so far had been a relishing meal for various ethnic communities toiling and sweating in the tea gardens of Assam.

Sustained loss of habitat has now placed the world’s longest venomous snake, the king cobra, on the ‘endangered’ list. The snake is found mostly in the Indian rainforests in the Western Ghats.

AJMER: Wildlife census in the district began on Sunday morning and teams of forest department went to about 150 water holes to identify animals in different regions. In the first six hours of the census, small animals including snakes and cobras were spotted, but no trace of panther is found in jungles. There is a possibility of panthers being in Jawaja, Pushkar and old Beawar forest regions. For the last four years, panthers have not been reported in the census, but there are reports of attacks by the beast in some regions.

Invasive species represent a significant threat to global biodiversity and a substantial economic burden. Burmese pythons, giant constricting snakes native to Asia, now are found throughout much of southern Florida, including all of Everglades National Park (ENP). Pythons have increased dramatically in both abundance and geographic range since 2000 and consume a wide variety of mammals and birds. Here we report severe apparent declines in mammal populations that coincide temporally and spatially with the proliferation of pythons in ENP.

As Hindus gear up to celebrate naag panchami on Thursday, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) today urged them to discourage atrocities against the reptile and report snake charm

Rockhampton: Australian residents fled their homes and sandbagged properties on Tuesday as a major town was threatened by a worsening flood disaster which unleashed a plague of snakes and crocodiles.

Tens of thousands of people in Rockhampton braced for complete isolation as waters which have closed the town

Hazaribagh, Dec. 12: The district

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KOLKATA: A rare species of snake, spotted only twice in the past, was discovered at a home in north Bengal's Jalpaiguri town, West Bengal Forest Department officials told The Hindu on Thursday.

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Ahmedabad: How about watching an anaconda live that too from a three to four metre distance? Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden at Kankaria will soon get a pair of anacondas