IN a bid to create awareness and clear misconceptions about snakes and save them from extinction, a week-long exhibition on snakes began in the city on Tuesday.

This note discusses the wildlife casualties due to vehicular traffic in Sriharikota Island from observations carried out from January 2002 to December 2003.

We examined the spatial distribution pattern of reptiles in an eastern Himalayan elevation gradient. The factors governing the distribution have been assessed with emphasis on the mid-domain effect. We surveyed reptiles along the elevation gradient (300–4800 m) of the Teesta valley in Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya, India using time constrained visual encounter survey.

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Surat: Blind faith about medicinal and aphrodisiacal properties of an endangered non-poisonous snake Red Sand Boa (RSB) is endangering the species found in south Gujarat further. After southern India, smugglers have shifted focus to south Gujarat, reports suggest.

It is not often one sees a king cobra hatching eggs in a human habitat or places where humans frequent. That is why hundreds of people gathered at the rubber plantation of Pappachy at Praiyaram, Panathur in Kasaragod district to see the king cobra sitting peacefully on some eggs the other day.

Muthu, 30, pulls out a slithering snake from a mud pot. A group of tourists look on in awe.

NAVI MUMBAI: Human development at Uran taluka in Raigad district is hurting quite a few of its original inhabitants. While quarrying had already disturbed quite a few species, environmentalists are concerned that landfills are uprooting many others from their home.

Vertebrates are an indicator of the quality of the environment and are considered necessary to reduce the time and effort required to develop management strategies. This study document the species diversity of lower vertebrates in the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, with special reference to fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

Sept. 17: Housewives in several districts of Chittoor district are forcing their husbands to go into the forests in search of sand boa snakes.
The snake has become a topic of discussion among women coming together in the rural areas. It is also believed if this snake is sacrificed it brings good luck to real estate business.

Aspects of life history and morphometry of Günther’s oriental slender snake Trachischium guentheri (Boulenger, 1890) was studied along the Lachen and Lachung valleys of North Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya, India during 2003 – 2005. A total of 360 snakes were observed in 1026 man-hours of time constrained visual encounter surveys. Females were significantly larger (t = 3.19, df = 144, P