Police arrested four persons including a farmer for attempting to smuggle a Sand Boa snake

How much would a two-headed snake fetch? While the Dharwad police say that it could fetch nearly Rs 80 lakh in the international market, their first information report (FIR) states that it could be sold for just about Rs 10,000.

Food shortage may have forced diet change on july 17, Sunderbans forest officials posted in Netidhopani came across a dead tiger near their field office. A post mortem revealed the tiger had eaten two cobras, one of them was a king cobra. Tigers are not known to prey on snakes; wildlife experts speculate the tiger may have eaten them because of food shortage caused by cyclone Aila

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Just about twenty days after the city zoo lost its huge sand boa, the Government Ayurveda College Research Centre at Poojappura too has lost its red sand boa.

The boa was smuggled out of its cage - under lock and key - from a room, which was also locked, at the snake park maintained by the Ayurveda College.

DHARMAPURI: The Dharmapuri police arrested two persons and seized a Sand boa snake from them in Kundalpatti, near here, on Thursday.

KOCHI: After ivory, ganja and sandalwood, the smugglers are now madly after King Cobra and other venomous snakes in the forests as 10 ml venom of a King Cobra would fetch crores of rupees in the international black market.

The smuggling of snake venom had come to light after the recent seizure of 200 ml of King Cobra venom at Kanjikode, near Palakkad.

KOLKATA: Two cobras were found in the stomach of a tiger found dead in the Sunderbans