IN what seems to be a creepy affair, eight sand boas were stolen from the snake park at Guindy on Sunday, while only a day before a similar one went missing from Vandalur zoo

A Florida toddler was strangled on Wednesday by a 12-foot (3.6-metre) albino Burmese python that escaped from a holding tank in the girl's home, authorities said.

The pet's owner, a boyfriend of the child's mother, found the python on top of the 2-year-old girl in the rural community of Oxford, about 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Orlando.

The Red Sand Boa, an endangered snake, is in danger, due to rampant trafficking in recent times.

Wildlife officials in Azad Jammu and Kashmir are trying to find out the whereabouts of a

AHMEDABAD: Some posh addresses in the city are reporting new claimants. Or maybe old claimants are returning to haunt the new ones! Suddenly, with monsoons getting closer, snakes are surfacing in these areas taking residents by surprise.

June 8: The Red Sand Boa, an endangered snake, is being smuggled out of the state because of its medicinal value. Forest officials nabbed a gang of smugglers at Chittoor a few days ago with a snake weighing 3 kg. But they secured their release by paying Rs 1 lakh as penalty instantly.

Poisoning from pesticides, drug medicaments, biological substances and snake bites, are now the eight causes of death in Sri Lanka. In 2005 18,174 people died of poisoning, in 2006 19,381 died of poisoning and in 2007 23,675 people have died of poisoning.

The population of Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades may have grown to as many as 150,000 as the non-native snakes make a home and breed in the fragile wetlands, officials said Thursday.

One fifth of Europe's reptiles and nearly a quarter of its amphibians are in danger because of the threat humans pose to their natural habitat, according to a study carried out for the European Commission.

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SULTHAN BATHERY: Are snakes less venomous than men? So believes Muhammed, a snake catcher here who is a lover of snakes.

A true friend of snakes of all sorts, starting from harmless water snakes to fatal King Kobras, Muhammed is ready to save snakes from the fury of crowds later releasing them in deep jungle.