BAGERHAT : Tiger population in the Sundarbans may fall from the previous 2004 census, according to a preliminary analysis of Bangladesh-India Joint Tiger Census Project, reports UNB.

DHAKA : The National Committee for Protection of Oil, Gas, Mineral Resource, Power and Ports (Oil-Gas Committee) on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart Narendra

Alfredo Quatro says we must defend mangrove forests – which protect our shorelines and diverse marine life – against man-made development

A partnership between New Delhi and Dhaka to save the rare ecosystem of the Sundarbans and that agreement should be signed in a boat — that was Union Minister Suresh Prabhu’s suggestion as Environm

Some five months after an oil tanker carrying furnace oil capsized in Shela River harming flora and fauna of the Sundarbans, another vessel carrying fertilizer made up of toxic chemicals, sank in B

The Ganges coastal zone of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, is characterized by extremes in terms of both challenges and opportunities. Despite the huge investment in the coastal zone over the past 50 years, the poverty of farming families in the region remains extreme.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on loss of mangrove in Sunderbans, 30/04/2015.

The government has given approval for diversion of 35,867 hectares of forest land in a total of 783 cases in 2014, Parliament was informed Tuesday.

A South Asian rights group today called upon Bangladesh government to halt Rampal power plant construction in the Sundarbans until cleared by environmentalists.

Ensuring freshwater flow from the upstream is an urgent necessity mitigate increasing salinity in the South-west coastal region and save Sundarbans, speakers at a discussion held in the capital sai