KHULNA : The Forest Department has taken a master plan for protecting the Sunderbans, world heritage mangrove forest, to attract tourists, ahead of tourism year in 2015, reports BSS.

The Sunderbans tiger population may have reached its carrying capacity .

The study was conducted to estimate total mercury in water and sediment of Bidyadhari river of Indian Sundarban delta in pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon period. Bidyadhari river presently serves as a sewage and excess rainwater outlet from the Kolkata metropolitan and adjacent area which ultimately empties at the Bay of Bengal in the course of the Indian Sundarban delta.

A four-year “Bengal Tiger Conservation Activity (Bagh)” has been launched to protect the Bengal Tiger, one of the critically endangered species of the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove for

National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports has urged the government to cancel coal-based thermal power plants at Rampal in Bagerhat and Orion Power Plant near Sundar

The forest department on Tuesday unveiled a scientifically-improved cage to trap tigers in the Sunderbans and leopards in north Bengal.

Bangladesh Forest Department under the Ministry of Environment and Forests is organizing the three-day conference in cooperation with Global Tiger Initiative, Global Tiger Forum and development partners, including the World Bank aimed at saving the big cat from its extinction.

No survey has been conducted after 2004 for counting the tiger population in the Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest.

DHAKA : Bengal Tigers, one of the critically endangered species, face extinction as their habitats in the Sundarbans are going to be severely affected due to the growing extreme climate events and

A silent yet significant evolution has taken place in the Sunderbans in last two decades.